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Reddit Australian Open

CSS and Design Layout, AO 2014-2017

I've been a moderator of Reddit's main tennis subreddit, r/tennis, since about 2012. At the time of my first design for AO, r/tennis had a modest 13,000 subscribers. I have since seen it grow to over 400k subscribers and host official AMA threads from well known pros and the ATP organization itself. Very cool!

My first year designing for the AO event, I was inspired by all the cool aerial shots of players at Melbourne Park from previous years and picked a couple of different angles, action shots, and important moments to transform into rotating banners.


The design campaigns ran throughout the duration of the tournament, with banners switching out every couple of days. The '14 design also incorporated the "Ready? Play." slogan that was heavily promoted in marketing from the official AO sources.


Although I am still technically a moderator, I mostly lurk these days. They have since added about 6 more moderators who run the subreddit well. I had a good run of several years updating designs and CSS styles.


Here are more of my Reddit banners.

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