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DJ Stax 3rd Eye Poster

I became a huge fan of drum & bass and frenetic electronic music in general around the time I became exposed to skateboarding and skateboarding videos. The videos I watched back then really exposed me to a lot of diverse music that I still love to this day.

I stumbled upon a great dude named DJ Stax (aka Pax Stephen) who hosted a mixing stream once a week or so on some now-obscure or defunct music radio website called Filth.FM. It was mostly UK dubstep and drum & bass music, which I loved.


I made my way to the DJ Stax Facebook page and saw a neat hand-drawn illustration of a boombox by DJ Stax himself. As a show of admiration, I spun it into a vector interpretation and shot it over to him. I remember him being stoked!


Not sure what he's up to these days, but I've included a classic mix of his below. Big up, Stax! 

Classic Stax Set on Filth FMDJ Stax
00:00 / 36:42
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